Pre Commissioning Services

Kanooz offers a wide range of pre commissioning cleaning & support services to the Oil & Gas, Water and Power industries during pre commissioning of plants.

CHEMICAL CLEANING & PASSIVATION: Turnkey Chemical Cleaning and Passivation of boilers, exchangers, pipelines, cooling water system cleaning & passivation, etc.

CATALYST LOADING: Fresh catalyst loading, loading of molecular sieve beds, resin, packing etc during pre-commissioning under normal or inert atmosphere using dense (UOP, DENSICAT, UNIDENSE) or sock loading methods.

HIGH VELOCITY LUBE OIL FLUSHING: High velocity oil flushing of lube oil system for turbines, compressors, etc. to NAS6 specification including heating, thermal shocking.

COLUMN, VESSELS AND TOWER: Installation of internals. Tray fixing, modifications, packing loading, etc.

STEAM BLOWING: Steam blowing of steam piping, hydro milling / hydroblasting.

PIPELINE FLUSHING & CLEANING: Hydrotesting, water flushing, pigging & drying, nitrogen purging & preservation, high velocity flushing using minimal quantity of water & air.

HYDRAULIC BOLT TORQUING: Bolt torquing using hydraulic torque tools up to 2.5” drives.

WASTE MANAGEMENT: Hazardous and non-hazardous liquids & solid waste management services.

PORTABLE STEAM GENERATION UNITS: Supply of steam generators up to 4 ton/hr capacity suitable for steaming and heating. Supply of De-mineralized/DM water, etc.