Nitrogen Services

Kanooz’s Specialized Services Department offers comprehensive Liquid and Gaseous nitrogen services for oil & gas industry with state of the art onsite high-pressure liquid nitrogen vaporizers & systems. The services include purging, testing, cooling, drying, testing etc. of plant & systems during shutdowns and commissioning.

The Nitrogen Services include:

  • Pipeline Purging, Drying & Preservation
  • Reactor Cooling, Inertising
  • Pressure Testing upto 10000 psi
  • Hazardous Chemical Scavenging
  • Pipeline Pigging, mothballing & testing.
  • Decommissioning

Kanooz's high pressure-high flow nitrogen vaporizers are capable of delivering gaseous nitrogen onsite at temperature range of -20°C to 50°C at 10000 psi pressure at the rate 3000 cfm (180000 scfh). This high-flow high pressure equipment allows us to handle cooling of catalytic reactors, process systems, purging of process loops, inertising & high pressure testing of process equipment and pipelines etc. faster than the conventional methods. The onsite high flow nitrogen availability even at remote locations, facilitate the displacement of hazardous chemicals from Output Pressure: upto 10000 psi pipelines and pigging of pipelines etc.

Equipment Specifications

Flow: 180000 scfh (5100 m3/hr), Pressure: 10000 psi., Mobility: Trailer & Skid Mounted.

Kanooz is actively involved in scavenging pipelines at various phases of its life starting from its construction to operation to routine monitoring to decommissioning etc.

All our high-pressure vaporizers are equipped with built in 3000 US gallon cryogenic tanker that allow the units to operate continuously for longer period even if the liquid nitrogen supply is interrupted due to make up tanker delays. Provided with emergency shut off and safety relief systems, the units are capable of handling critical pressure testing purging jobs in hazardous environment safely.