Industrial Vacuuming

Kanooz’s success in Industrial Support Services begins with the quality equipment and the experienced crew. Having the biggest fleet of vacuum trucks in the Kingdom, Kanooz can handle virtually anything wet or dry, sludge or granules. The custom made super suckers are capable of handling heady sludge to bulk dry material vacuuming.

Kanooz has years of vacuuming experience in a wide range of industries and are equipped to handle virtually any industrial vacuuming application, including:

  • Catalyst vacuuming;
  • Sludge removal;
  • Powder sucking;
  • Chemical or hazardous material handling;
  • Product transfer.

All our vacuum trucks are equipped with strong stainless steel tanks with safety devices & accessories and capable of handling corrosive & inflammable fluids safely and designed to operate in potential hazardous atmospheres.

The special range of vacuum-high pressure combi units allows us to simultaneously handle clean and vacuum applications. These units are equipped with medium high pressure water jetting units to de-block the pipes/drains and vacuum out the debris simultaneously.

The range of vacuum systems includes:

  • Heavy Duty Super Suckers – Trailer;
  • Super Suckers Trucks;
  • Standard Vacuum Trucks;
  • Dry Super Suckers – Truck & Trolley mounted;
  • Cyclone Hoppers & Filter Bag Houses.-Telescopic;
  • Trailer Tankers – Stainless Steel.

Special accessories are used for effective removal of materials of dust/powder nature under inert or normal conditions. The dry super suckers have special cooling & recycling loop to minimize nitrogen medium during the handling of pyrophoric materials safely and reduce the expense.