Hydrojetting/Hydroblasting Services

High velocity water jets can produce incredible performance in industrial cleaning and allied activities like cold cutting, surface preparation etc. Kanooz puts the power of water energy to work for you in many ways such as in heat exchanger tube cleaning, pipe cleaning, vessel & tank cleaning and abrasive waterjet cutting etc.

We offer a broad range of waterjet cleaning services, with the skill and experience it take to deliver them reliably. Our custom-designed nozzles and tools combined with our fleet of truck mounted/containerized/Trolley mounted diesel- driven high-pressure pumps enable us to give you unmatched speed, effectiveness and safe cleaning.

  • Heat exchanger tube & Bundle cleaning
  • Tank, vessel, column cleaning
  • Pipeline cleaning, Hydromilling/descaling
  • Surface preparation, marine growth removal
  • Blocked line cleaning/deblocking.
  • Transfer line Decoking
  • Jetting under toxic/inert atmosphere

Our specialist jetting crew are well trained to carryout hydrojetting under inert or toxic conditions using advanced breathing air systems for special cleaning requirements.

Waterjetting/waterblasting accessories

  • Flex lancing

  • Rigid lancing

  • External bundle blaster

  • Multi lancing TLE

  • 3D tank cleaning heads

  • Pipeline cleaning systems

  • Hot water jetting systems

  • Spin jet guns

  • Hydro excavation