Chemical Cleaning & Foam Cleaning

We offer a broad range of chemical cleaning services for pre-commissioning and post-operational / maintenance of plants and systems, such as, boilers, cracking furnaces, steam systems, pipelines, vessels, exchangers, process equipment, etc.

Kanooz’s strength in engineered cleaning techniques and quality maintenance experience is joined together to provide a world-class cleaning support to its customers. Kanooz has carried out several critical cleaning jobs in the past for SABIC, ARAMCO, SWCC, SCECO and other mainstream Oil & Gas Industries in the region.

Kanooz’s pre-commissioning/Post operational chemical cleaning involve: Degreasing, Acid Cleaning/Pickling, Neutralization, Passivation & preservation etc. that effectively removes, mill scale, oil, rust, corrosion products, scale etc. from process systems.

Our approach to a safe and quality cleaning process entrusted by the following steps:

  • Choosing the right chemistries depending on metallurgy, scale, preservation etc.
  • Choosing the right equipment like: pumps, temporary piping, fittings, etc. depending on circuit flow requirements, pressure drops, velocities and other parameters.


Kanooz provide Foam cleaning of equipment & systems using compressed chemical (solvent) FOAM generated by the specially designed foam generators. Foam Cleaning method allows better surface contact than chemical circulation methods especially in large volume equipment and difficult to circulate type systems and reduces the solvent consumption to 10% thus to eliminate disposal problems of larger volumes of solvents.