Specialized Catalyst Handling Services

With a combination of well experienced team and advanced equipment Kanooz offers specialized catalyst handling services to the refining, petrochemical, and chemical industries. Kanooz’s highly experienced team with advanced life support equipment, and handling systems carry out turnkey catalyst change out operations, repairs and modifications for catalytic reactors, vessels, etc. under inert or normal atmosphere on a 'blinds to blinds' basis.

Catalyst handling works include:

  • Unloading/Loading of pyrophoric catalyst under inert / toxic atmosphere.
  • Screening of Catalyst under continuous Nitrogen Purging.

  • Loading by licensed dense loading technologies and sock loading methods.
  • Desiccant drier/molecular sieve bed replacements.
  • Repairs & internal modifications of reactors.

  • Tubular reactor catalyst replacement and delta-p measurements.
  • Reformer catalyst replacement and tube replacement.

  • Reformer tube external & internal cleaning using automated tools.
  • Video inspection of internal work and documentation.

  • Reactor cooling & purging by cold nitrogen gas injection.

Maintaining highest priority on the training and safety of personnel in the confined space work and inert entry operations, Kanooz gained our customer’s confidence, satisfaction and achieved prestigious milestones in handling critical catalyst replacement works safely such as for Multibed hydrocrackers, Ammonia Converters, Catofin Reactors, Parex Chambers, CCR, Reformers etc.

Kanooz's extra high volume dry vacuum system with PLC controlled continuous discharge cyclone hoppers play a major role in unloading catalyst faster than conventional vacuum unloading equipment. All Kanooz vacuum systems are designed to recycle the spent nitrogen by filtering & cooling and return back to the reactor under vacuuming in order to avoid the air ingress related pyrophoric catalyst heating and to minimize the replenishing/purging requirements.

Kanooz offers Turnkey services for Catofin catalyst replacement on 'blinds to blinds' basis which include pre-mixing of inert grains and catalyst material on a desired ratio, unloading of huge quantity of spent catalyst material using high output continuous unloading system, loading of catalyst mixture, and separation of spent inert grains from spent catalyst using custom built density/gravity separators.