Plant Turnaround and Maintenance Services

Heat exchanger maintenance, overhauling, retubing, etc. Column cleaning and revamp, replacement of trays / internals, etc. Pipelines, valves maintenance / modifications. Tank cleaning and maintenance, bottom change out and repairs. Hydraulic torquing / tensioning, blinding and deblinding of eqiupment and systems. Cleaning, repairs / modifications of reactors, columns, vessels, etc. Emptying chemicals using chemical proof pumps and systems.

Our approach to turnaround management envisages pre-engineering essentials such as scheduling, estimating, planning, task force orientation, etc. and thus to help our customers to minimize the costly down time. These also help differentiating critical and non-critical tasks and thereby enhancing overall accuracy for achieving completion targets.

Kanooz has carried out several turnkey heat exchanger, column, and tower maintenance jobs on blinds to blinds basis during turnarounds for Sabic affiliates, non-sabic plants, Aramco projects, etc. in the past. Kanooz is maintaining emergency response teams to support the emergency maintenance assistance to its customers round the clock.