Kanooz offers a complete set of Flare Tip replacement and inspection services to the oil & gas industries. The activities include planning, preparation and execution of flare tip replacement, Repair, Molecular seal drum repairs and inspection of stack etc. on a turnkey basis during turnarounds/shutdowns.

Kanooz’s highly experienced rigging team with high elevation work experience assisted by high altitude safe work procedures allow us to handle the flare maintenance works safely & successfully. We involve IRATA certified rope access inspection & repair team to assist the replacement & inspection works to minimize the turnaround time and improve overall safety & job performance.


  • Flare tip removal & reinstallation
  • Repair of flare tips
  • Repair of Molecular seal
  • Riser & structural Inspection using rope access
  • Insitu repair of Molecular seal
  • Electrical and instrumentation works
  • Cabling and loop checking
  • Aviation signal lamp erection, testing & commissioning
  • Supply of heavy lift cranes
  • High elevation rigging
  • Modification of support structures
  • Guy wire inspection

Kanooz has successfully carried out flare tip replacement works for industry majors in the past that include flare tips removal & reinstallation, repair, inspection, insitu repair of molecular seal drum, instrumentation and electrical maintenance, replacement of ACWL signal lamps, inspection of flare risers & structure etc. during turnaround. Using IRATA certified rope access inspection engineers Kanooz is able to carry out inspection of high elevation structures & stacks safely and effectively.